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His love for a “jazz” with flamenco tendency takes over with this instrument album. Peacefulness, Mediterranean Sea and appeasing sun transpire throughout”.
(T.Coljon, *Le Soir*)

Like the picture on his first solo albumMary y Sol” where he sits on a branch, OLi Cima, is a bird that’s numerous musical travels have eventually landed him in the depth of flamenco. The result is a harmonious and sensitive music”.
(H.Carpiaux, *Le Quotidien*)

He draws his inspiration in traditional music and, he is also an outstanding compositor. His creation are simultaneously full of strength and and sensitivity in a subtle combination of flamenco and jazz.
(Ch.T., *Le Jour*)

Conquered by the art of flamenco, he consistently put his inspiration, his talent and his genius sense of composition at the service of this rare sensitive musical style. This album, resolutely acoustic, off and on indolent and sparkling is a real invitation”.
(J-F Lahaut, *Passe-Partout*)