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Pa’ Ios Pa’

A mis padres

Oli Cima | Pa Ios Pa

Special dedication to my procreators…
The Andalusia dialect has a peculiar informal, sort of speedy way to express words. So, I have imagined that to express “for the parents,” which in Catalan Spanish would be “Para los padres”, it would become “A mis padres” in Andalusian dialect.

Tchy in Bodrum

Oli Cima | Tchy in Bodrum

Returning from a trip in Turkey, the boat, which was going from Greece and Italy, broke down.
Result: The original afternoon trip lasted two days and ended up in a mega party onboard.

Sperare in Silenzio

Oli Cima | Sperare in Silenzio

The future of our race is at a crossroad. Our drifting behavior impact the planet. If there is still a small amount of people acting for the common good, some of us nevertheless silently hoped for better days.

Nuit d’étoiles

Oli Cima | Nuit d'Etoiles

A summer, a night, a shooting star…

Tango de la Abuela

Maria Salas Amado

Oli Cima | Tango de la Abuela

One day that I was composing, my eyes fell upon this grand woman which I have had the honor of knowing. I feel that she is looking at me me and says: It’s good, continue…


Oli Cima | Dai

“Los jaleos” is a spontaneous flamenco expression whose intention is to encourage the artiste in his effort. “Ole”, one of the most well known one, would probably be express this way in my father’ language.


A Marisol Valderrama

Oli Cima | Mary Y Sol

Ode to a muse…

Alba Roja

Oli Cima | Alba Roja

The distance between two peoples who love each other is like an stretched elastic: It either resist or it breaks.


Oli Cima | Bella

Beauty has always had a great power on me. It subjugates me, leave me without words. For us, men, women are perhaps the most beautiful expression of beauty. There is also more subjective beauty such as the one of landscape, an animal or a sky which has nothing to envy to the one that animates women. The only creation with which men can rival all these forms of beauty is art.

Musicians :

Oli Cima : guitar
Damien Libert : flute, bongos
Javier Breton : bass | fretless bass
Alex Otero : cajon, djembé, palmas, udu
Martin Dewagter : snare, cymbals, shakers, drums, derbuka, bells, timbales, triangle
Enaid : vocals
Myriam Vaquero : cante
Gregory Carrio : palmas
Jean-Philippe Poncin : clarinet
Recorded and mixed by Gerald Janse at N.F. Studio, Namur Belgium