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Hello and welcome on my site!

My name is Olivier Cima.

My childhood dream was to be a comedian. When at the age of fourteen, my mother brought me to drama art class; I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. My dream fainted away and I placed my attention on a guitar we had at home. Thus, my passion for music and most particularly the guitar started. I had found my path…

I am an eclectic musician and worked with various music genres such as classic, blues, rock, funk, metal, jazz, electronic music… and flamenco.

Out of curiosity more than a thirst for learning, my instinct brought toward music I liked to listen to and quite naturally wanted to reproduce.

While my playing progressed and my style got more defined throughout the academies, classes, stages and master class I attended, it is the multiple “live” experiences that have really shaped the musician I have become.
Today, I position myself as a musician, composer, producer and interpreter.

I hope that discovering a portion of my world will bring you great pleasure.